Programme for the two-day “I’ll See you in 25 years”: Twin Peaks and Generations of Cult TV conference to be held at the University of Salford, 21-22 May.

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Registration is still open for the two-day “I’ll See you in 25 years”: Twin Peaks and Generations of Cult TV conference to be held at the University of Salford, 21-22 May.

Registration details can be found here (deadline: 17 May):

Programme details for the conference can be found below.

Please also note that colleagues not attending the 2-day event can instead attend An Evening with Twin Peaks on Thursday evening, 21 May. The evening will comprise of:
· An airing of the recent BBC Radio 4 Twin Peaks documentary, followed by a Q&A with the documentary’s producer, Dave James, and its presenter, Danny Leigh (Film 2015).
· Dr Adrian Martin and Cristina Álvarez López’s audio-visual essay: “Lynch/Bowie: Outside Twin Peaks”

Tickets for this evening event can be purchased here:

(Delegates for the 2-day conference are not required to buy these evening event tickets.)

Provisional Programme for 2-day conference

Thursday 21st of May

9.00-9.45: Registration and coffee MCUK Foyer

9.45-10.00: Welcome from Professor Karl Dayson Digital Performance Lab

10.00-11.20: First Keynote Digital Performance Lab
Professor David Lavery (Middle Tennessee State University): “Twin Peaks’ Vision (‘as distinguished from a dream which is mere sorting and cataloging of the day’s events by the subconscious, . . . fresh and clear as a mountain stream—the mind revealing itself to itself’) and the Discovery of Television Creativity”

11.30-1.00: Plenary Panel Session 1 Digital Performance Lab

Twin Peaks Fandom and Fan Cultures
· Dr Lorna Jowett (University of Northampton): “Nightmare in Red: Twin Peaks Parody, Homage and Mash-up”
· Dr Katriina Heljakka (University of Turku): “Re-playing Twin Peaks: Toys, fans and photoplay in tributes to a cult series”
· Dr Matt Jacobsen (Queen Mary University of London): “My Super-Sweet Twin Peaks Party: Articulations of Fan Identity in the Television-themed House Party”

1.00-2.00: Lunch MCUK Foyer
Red Room Audiovisuals The Egg

2.00-3.30 Panel Sessions 2A and 2B Rooms 3.17/3.18

Panel 2A: David Lynch and Television Auteurism Room 3.17
· Dr Stacy Abbot (University of Roehampton): “‘Doing Weird Things for the Sake of Being Weird’: Directing Twin Peaks”
· Andreas Halskov (Aarhus University / Copenhagen University): “Lynching TV: David Lynch and TV Auteurism”
· Dr Lindsay Hallam (University of East London): “‘Brilliant! …I have no idea what is going on’: Season 2, Episode 1 and the Television Auteur”

Panel 2B: Death, Symbolism and the Sublime Room 3.18
· Dr Maggie Scott (University of Salford): “The Names are Not What They Seem: Onomastics and the non-neutrality of language in Twin Peaks”
· Dr Linnie Blake (Manchester Metropolitan University): “Gothic Rapture in the Hysterical Sublime?: Twin Peaks and the Origins of Neoliberal Gothic TV”
· Felix Kirschbacher (University of Mannheim): “‘Where Pies Go When They Die’: Serialized Death in Twin Peaks”

3.30-4.00: Coffee break

4.00-5.00: Panels 3A and 3B Rooms 3.17/3.18

Panel 3A: Intertextuality and Intermediality Room 3.17
· Dr Shaila García-Catalán (Universitat Jaume I) and Dr Iván Bort Gual (Centre d’Ensenyament Superior Alberta Giménez): “Twin Peaks, the Place Where it all Began: The heritage of Laura Palmer”
· Leticia Capanema (Sao Paulo Catholic University): “The transversal montage in Twin Peaks”

Panel 3B: Strategies of Representation Room 3.18
· Geoff Bil (University of British Columbia): “‘A sort of evil out there’: Indigenous Appropriation and Surrealist Representation, Twenty-Five Years Later”
· Travis Wagner (University of South Carolina): “‘Freedom! We Don’t Have to Go Anywhere’: Gender, Disability and Movement in David Lynch’s The Amputee and Twin Peaks”

5.00-6.45: Pie and Coffee Reception Love Conquers All

7.00-9.30: An Evening of Twin Peaks Digital Performance Lab
· BBC Radio documentary Q And A with Danny Leigh and Dave James Chair: Dr Kirsty Fairclough (7.00-8.00)
· Second Keynote: Dr Adrian Martin (Monash University) and Cristina Álvarez López (Independent Researcher): “Lynch/Bowie: Outside Twin Peaks” (8.00-9.30)

Friday 22nd of May

9.00-9.30: Coffee MCUK Foyer

9.30-11.00: Panel 4 Plenary Digital Performance Lab

Television Mise-en-scène and Space
· Professor Jennifer Gillan (Bentley University): “Creative Differences: Set Design, Creative Control, and Linear TV from David Lynch and Bryan Fuller”
· Dr Fran Pheasant-Kelly (University of Wolverhampton): “Subverted Spaces in Twin Peaks: From Body to Home”
· Dr Catherine Spooner (Lancaster University): “‘Wrapped in plastic’: David Lynch’s material girls”

11.00-11.30: Coffee Break MCUK Foyer

11.30-1.00: Panels 5A and 5B Rooms 3.17/3.18

Panel 5A: Affect, Movement and Performance Room 3.17
· Dr Steven Peacock (University of Hertfordshire): “‘One day the sadness will end’: Crying in Twin Peaks”
· Dr Alanna Thain (McGill University): “Quirks and Quarks: Twin Peaks’ Dance Recitals”
· Teresa Forde (University of Derby): “Performing Genres in Twin Peaks”

Panel 5B: Psychoanalytic Readings of Twin Peaks Room 3.18
· Dr Allister Mactaggart (Chesterfield College): “Shattered Time: Television and the Traumatic Return to Twin Peaks”
· Dr Mirt Komel (University of Ljubljana): “‘Is It Happening Again?’: Twin Peaks and Repetition”
· Dr Ben Tyrer (Kings College London): “Modes of Extimacy: Inside the Outside in Twin Peaks”

1.00-2.00: Lunch MCUK Foyer
Red Room Audiovisuals The EGG

2.00-3.30: Panels 6A and 6B Rooms 3.17/3.18
Panel 6A: The Return of Twin Peaks Room 3.17
· Dr Ross Garner (Cardiff University): “Twin Peaks and the ‘dispersed’ Anniversary”
· Dr Mona Pedersen (Hedmark University College) and Dr Gry Cecilie Rustad (Hedmark University College): “Experiencing Twin Peaks: Addressing diversity in viewing 25 years of quality TV”
· Dr Rebecca Williams (University of South Wales): “The Resurrection of Twin Peaks: Fan Identity, Ontological Security and Authorship”

Panel 6B: Trans-Sensory Sonic Techniques Room 3.18
· Dr Michael Goddard (University of Salford): “Telephone, Voice Recorder, Phonograph: Towards a Media Archaeology of Sonic Technologies in Twin Peaks”
· Luke Harrison (University of Salford): “Sonic Mystery in Twin Peaks”
· Michelle Morris (University of Salford): “‘F**K the Average Viewer’: The ‘trans-sensory’ season two finale of Twin Peaks and its impact on post-network quality TV drama.”

3.40-4.10: Closing Plenary Remarks Rooms 3.17/3.18

4.10: End