Beyonce, Feminism and Pop Culture

More shameless self-promotion I’m afraid. I recently gave a lecture at KMH Royal College of Music Stockholm on Beyonce, Feminism and Pop Culture. My talk explored how Beyoncé embodies the tensions between the media and feminist, black feminist and post-feminist voices in popular culture. It examined Beyoncé’s music and imagery in popular culture and explored the now established debate regarding the ways in which famous women are routinely scrutinised in the popular media.


Beyoncé’s image has always been portrayed as both a denial and a symbol of mainstream feminism, through the discussion of her recent feminist standpoints, the image of her body, her alleged denial of their ethnicity through the choice of hairstyle, her marriage, her “fake” pregnancy and motherhood, and her status as a powerful businesswoman.

Beyoncé’s latest direct involvement in feminist issues, both through her latest album, Beyoncé (2013) and her written articles, making her image even more complicated and multifaceted.

It was so fascinating to hear such divided and passionate views from the audience on the notion of any female popular music artist espousing a feminist agenda. The talk is part of a larger book project on Beyoncé and celebrity feminism.