I Woke Up Like This? Beyonce and pop feminism.

I’m excited to be lecturing to students at the Royal College of Music Stockholm in December on Beyonce and pop feminism.

My lecture at KMH will consider how Beyonce epitomises the tensions between the media and issues of feminist, black feminist, and post-feminist voices in popular culture. It examines Beyonce’s music and imagery in popular culture and explores the ways in which famous women are routinely scrutinised in the popular media. From discussion of her recent adoption of feminist politics, body image, supposed denying of her racial heritage through her hairstyle choices, her marriage, ‘fake’ pregnancy and motherhood, to her status as a powerful businesswoman, Beyonce’s image has been continually dissected as both denying and representing the epitome of mainstream feminism. Her recent direct engagement with feminist issues both through her most recent album Beyonce (2013) and written essays present a further complication of her image.

This talk is part of a wider book project on Beyonce and celebrity feminism.