Intetain 2014: Comedy and interactive technologies


My next paper is at the Intetain 6th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment conference at Columbia College Chicago in July 2014.

The conference theme is distributed creativity – Creativity is a widely accepted concept loosely referred to as a resource or a capacity to bring about ideas and visions transformed into a body of work. Creativity encompasses making, playing, and designing meaningful opportunities such as interactive media systems and experiences. For INTETAIN 2014, researchers in science and engineering and creative practitioners come together to explore how shared media networks, shared production, and shared experiences may make use of a notion such as distributed creativity.

I’m speaking on stand up comedy performance and interactive technology via an analysis of Lost Voice Guy’s work. My paper will consider Lost Voice Guy’s live performance and his use of interactive voice technology as a tool to provide a mechanism through which he can perform live stand-up comedy illustrating that the technology has the ability to both allow individuals to transcend physical barriers and bring a new dimension to the form.