mirrormirrorA fantastic event and interesting review by Rina Ross.

ageing, ageism and feature films

“The photo is never a mirror” Dr.  Margaret Morganroth Gullette

After I attended the Lumière Blanche Festival I explored with another member of the Film Group the possibilities of reaching  and exposing young people to images of old women. We obviously thought of the caring professions following Dr. Depassio’s example. But surprise! double surprise it is the London College of Fashion that set the trend.

Hannah Zeilig organised the best conference on Ageing that I have attended these last two years: Mirror Mirror: Representation and Reflections on Age and Ageing. This was not academics talking to academics. This event was about changing attitudes and Hannah explains this need in the foreword of the conference document.

The attendance was a wonderful mix of women of all ages.  I noted by talking to young women that their perceptions of old women were changing there and then.   The old woman was…

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