Talking Bodies 2013

An international, interdisciplinary conference on the body, identity, sexuality, and representation. March 26th-28th, 2013, Chester, UK that will consider the following:

  • How does the idea of the ‘taboo’ impact on self-perception? How do writers and artists articulate that taboo?
  • How do visual artists represent the complexities of the embodied self? Or, how can writers, performers, or musicians do so?
  • How is sexual identity articulated by and in the body?
  • What happens when the ‘talking body’ conflicts with the ‘talking mind’?
  • How do (consensual or non-consensual) body modifications silence the body, or ‘allow’ it to ‘talk’?
  • What relationships do erotica, porn and the ‘obscene’ have with the embodied self?
  • How does representation of the body facilitate political activism?
  • Where do gender and ideology intersect on the site of ‘the body’?
  • Is language ever sufficient in talking about bodies?

In addition to the conference presentations, there will be a keynote from Naomi Wolf; a conference ‘Marketplace’ with book and craft stalls; a feminist pub quiz; a small exhibition by artists from the ‘Birth Rites’ Collection; and a reading/performance by the pioneering, Brighton-based group, ‘There Is No Word For It’ (hot pencil press).